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Appraisals by Va Va Vintage

Va Va Vintage does Appraisal Opinions on Most Antiques. We do not have a Certified Appraiser on staff at present. Our fee is $150.00 for traveling to your location (within 30 miles) and appraising the first item and $10.00 per item thereafter. We require a $50 Deposit when the appraisal appointment is booked. Our process is to view, photograph, measure and take notes on the item(s), do research and then present the owner with a written Appraisal Opinion. Balance is due in full at that time.


Items we DO NOT offer Appraisal Opinions on include: fine jewelry, coins, stamps, guns, sports card collections

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Please be advised that values given are our professional opinion based on our research and years of experience buying and selling antique and vintage goods. Va Va Vintage does not certify nor guarantee that the given value will be realized upon sale of items. This is the amount at which

we recommend that the

owner list the items for

sale. This document is

considered our “verbal

approximation of current

value". Technically an

official appraisal is a legal document, generally given for

insurance purposes and certified by an expert. This document is

not an official appraisal for that purpose. Although our valuations

are based on research and experience, opinions can and

sometimes do vary among


There are many factors that affect what an item will sell for including, but not limited to the following:

• Geographical area in which the items are sold

• Setting in which the items are sold (retail, estate sale, online, local, auction, etc.) At auction some items often go for half or less of their value, while other items can go for double or more than their value – all depending upon desirability and who is bidding.

Values can change – even daily – value is dependent upon condition of the item, current market trends, setting of
sale, and other factors.

Typically, items sold via online auction sites such as ebay realize higher values than items sold locally due to the larger exposure, however, the fees and time involved in selling online sometimes outweigh the financial benefit of doing so.

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule an Appraisal Appointment.

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